840: New Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Units

The new HVAC equipment was successfully installed in the last month and construction will now be replacing the electrical switchgear for the new HVAC system at 840 Apollo.  The project will begin on Saturday, 8/19 at 6am, completion will be Sunday, 8/20 at approximately 6pm.  During this time there will be no HVAC or electrical power in the building during this scheduled project, thus the building will be closed.

UPDATED: 880 Lobby Closed

Starting May 30, the 880 Apollo building lobby is closed. The work is estimated to take several months.

In the meantime, please enter the building through the 860 Apollo parking structure. 

Additionally, the single cab elevator will no longer have access to the 1st floor but may be used between floors 2 and 3.  The west stairwell to the 1st floor may be used only in the case of an emergency in order to exit on the south side of the building