Construction Updates 4/17: 880 Hallway Rerouting/Stairwell Closure

Construction is proceeding according to schedule. 75% of all the concrete has been poured.  

Starting on Wednesday April 19, the 880 Apollo first floor hallway will be rerouted. The South stairwell between the first and second floor will also be closed. Please use either of the other two stairwells during this period. This closure is expected to last for 3 months. 

Thank you for your patience.



Driveway Closure and Fencing Updates

As of Monday, 4/3/17 the driveway between the 840 and 880 buildings will be closed due to the construction.  Access to the 860 Apollo parking structure will be at the north entrance of the structure which can be accessed from the driveway just north of the 840 Apollo building.  This entrance is on the same level as the driveway entrance (level B).  The other (2) entrances are on Continental Way, just on the back side of the parking structure.  These entrances are on level “A” of the structure.  From level “A” you will drive up the ramp to all other levels as there is no tenant parking on level “A”.


All pedestrian access to the building will be on the north side of the 840 Apollo building, through the structure to either of the walkways just outside each buildings lobby’s.


Construction will be posting directional signage for building and parking access.